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Research Image Preview: An illustration of a constructed graph between two images. An image is hierarchically segmented into a number of layers where the intra-image affinities, W, are defined between neighboring superpixels, weighted by the length of the shared border shown in red. The hierarchical constraints between layer segmentations are illustrated by the yellow connections. These connections are defined in my constraint matrix, C. The inter-image affinities, R, are made between images at their coarsest level of segmentation. A fully connected graph is considered and then the number of edges are trimmed, as illustrated in green. (Note: yellow and green connections are visualizations and not the actual edges).

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I am currently an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Villanova University. I graduated with a Ph.D. in 2013 from the IDEA Lab at Lehigh University supervised by Dr. Xiaolei Huang. My current research interests are image processing, computer vision, computer game design and development, computer graphics, and high performance computing. Here are some of the major projects I am working on...


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Email: edward (DOT) kim@villanova (DOT) edu